Ice Claws
Ice hook va
Weapon Information
Powerallowing Kohrak Va to climb icy surfaces or cliffs with ease around Ko-Wahi and Ko-Koro.
User(s)Kohrak Va
Statusno longer in use

The Ice Claws were a pair of weapons used by each of the Kohrak Va. They used these claws to climb the icy surfaces or mountain sides with ease.

The Ice Claws later became useless when the Kohrak Va, the Bohrok queens, and the rest of the Bohrok swarm return to their slumber after cleansing Mata Nui (Location) (which was one of tasks that the Toa Nuva had to do to awaken the Great Spirit).


  • The claws were also the same piece as the Bohrok's teeth piece.
Teeth hooks

Ice claws used as teeth on Pahrak

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