Ice Shield (Ice Tribe)
Weapon Information
FunctionMetus (Formerly), Strakk (Formerly), Ackar
StatusDiscarded (Metus), in possession of Ackar (Ackar/Strakk)

The Ice Shield is a weapon used by the Ice Tribe on Bara Magna.

Strakk posessed an Ice Shield which he randomly used in Glatorian matches. However, it was lost in combat with Ackar and when Mata Nui defeated Strakk, Ackar took the shield. It is currently in Ackar's possession.

Metus also used an Ice Shield, but it was lost when he transformed into a serpent.


Set Information

It was released in 2009, as part of the Metus set. It was one of his tools. It also had double appearances as part of Gelu's back. The shield was made of two pieces.


  • Although he has Strakk's shield, Ackar was never seen using it, just as a trophy in his shelter with other shields.
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