Set Glatorian Certavus
Certavus, former Prime Glatorian of the Ice Tribe
Ice Tribe
Ice Tribe Information
Species AffliationAgori, Glatorian
AlliesOther Tribes
EnemiesSkrall, Rock Tribe
LeaderElement Lord of Ice (formerly)
HomelandSpherus Magna/Bara Magna

The Ice Tribe was one of the tribes of Bara Magna. Prior to the Shattering, the Ice Tribe lived in the Northern Frost. They would migrate to Iconox at the edge of the White Quartz Mountains. All members of the Ice Tribe were either Agori or Glatorian of Ice. Their tribe wore armor primarily in white, as well as shades of blue and grey.


The Ice Tribe was one of the many tribes situated on Spherus Magna. The Great Beings, in need of assistance in leading the planet, created the Element Lords to help them, and the Element Lord of Ice soon gained control of the Ice Tribe.

After the discovery of Energized Protodermis, the Element Lord of Ice organized the warriors of the tribe into an army, and sent them into battle to defend the substance. Surel, one of the warriors, was assigned to train the Iron Wolves in combat. He was badly injured in battle, and later took refuge in the White Quartz Mountains. The Shattering occurred amidst the war, and the Element Lord of Ice was trapped as a result. In the wake of the disaster, the Ice Tribe warrior Certavus banded together with several other warriors and Agori and developed a new social system.

Certavus eventually died from natural causes, and the Glatorian Strakk was promoted to the position of prime warrior. Gelu, the secondary Glatorian of Iconox, recently retired to become a convoy escort, leaving Strakk the only Glatorian of the tribe.

And Strakk was eventually exiled due to cheating and Gelu took his place as the Ice Tribe's only Glatorian.



  • Kirbold - An odd Agori who specialized in using mud as a sealant.
  • Metus - A smooth-talking Agori who recruited Glatorian.


  • Certavus - Former Prime Glatorian; later died of natural causes.
  • Gelu - Secondary Glatorian, later retired.
  • Strakk - Prime Glatorian. Later exiled for attacking Ackar after the arena match was ended.
  • Surel - Soldier during the Core War, never rejoined his tribe after the Shattering.


The villagers in the Ice Tribe developed a proficiency in mining, owing to the highly desirable nature of Exsidian. The villagers were also very social, being very adept at trading with villages, as well as advertising their matches. They were skilled Glatorian trainers; Metus was one of their best recruiters.

Another known profession was selling Sand Stalkers to travelers.

The leader of the Ice Tribe also had a council of elders, which the Agori turned to for advice.

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