"Only [Matoro's] body is over there. His spirit is floating in the air over here, and no, I don't know how it happened. Matoro thinks it has something to do with his mask."
Hahli, BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play
Toa Inika Matoro's organic Great Iden
Mask of Spirit
Power(s)Let user use astral projection
Notable Wearer(s)Matoro (formerly)

The Kanohi Iden was the Mask of Spirit. It gave its user the power to temporarily release their spirit from their body. When released, the user's spirit was undetectable, and their physical body went limp; the user's spirit could move at high speeds while released. The only beings who could see and communicate with an Iden-user's spirit were Elda or Rode-wearers.

An Iden-user's body appeared dead while their spirit was unleashed. When a being was in their spirit form, their physical body was vulnerable, as they couldn't protect it. Because spirits cannot survive without a body, if an Iden-user's body was placed in stasis, their spirit would eventually fade away. The same was true if a user's spirit were to encounter Voporak's time field.

In spirit form, a being could not affect the physical world. This included accessing Elemental powers, as that required a union of the mind and body. However, a Toa's powers were tied to their spirit, so if an Iden-using Toa went into another body, the body would have the spirit's elemental powers. Additionally, an Iden-user could possess living (but spiritless) bodies or self-powered robots.

Example UsageEdit

Great: Toa Matoro used his Iden to secretly communicate with Hahli in the midst of battle with the Piraka in BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play.

Known WearersEdit



  • Matoran Matoro - Formerly on Karzahni; transformed into an organic Great version when he became a Toa Inika.


  • If an Iden-user possessed a corpse while a Tryna-user focused their power on the deceased body, they could have worked together to mimic the deceased being.
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