Biographical Information
Species N/A
Group Myths
Mask None
Colors Gold, blue, white, black
Element/Powers None
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Occupation Guardian of the Mask of Life
Tools Claws, Zamor Sphere Launcher

Location Chamber of Life

Status No longer in existence

Pronunciation Ern-ack
You use fear as a weapon, the same as I. I make you fear life, and in return, you make me fear death. You have found your true being - your essence is darkness and the grave, Piraka. The pit yawns for you, and who am I to keep you and yours from it?

–Irnakk to Zaktan, BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno

Irnakk was a myth created by the leaders of Zakaz to keep the rest of the Skakdi in line. Irnakk was supposed to be an embodiment for fear in these myths and could make its target's worst nightmares come true. He was set guarding the chamber known as Zone of Nightmares, leading to the Mask of Life.


Irnakk was a mythical being thought up by the Zakaz leaders in order to frighten their Skakdi troops and keep them obedient. The mythical being was later brought into reality by the Zone of Nightmares, one of the many chambers leading to the Ignika.

Fight with the Piraka

When the Piraka entered the Zone of Nightmares, Irnakk appeared and made the six Piraka's nightmares become real. Hakann's armor melted, Zaktan became a mere thought, Avak was trapped in a prison (his own body), Thok was attacked by his own animated creations, and Reidak and Vezok were stuck in a never-ending battle. Eventually, Zaktan conquered his fear and defeated Irnakk by causing it to fear death. After that, Irnakk simply disappeared, and the Piraka thus continued on their quest to steal the Ignika.


Powers and Equipment

Irnakk had the ability to make a being's fear seem real. Irnakk also appeared to have giant shredder claws, and a Zamor Sphere Launcher in his hand. The launcher was the weapon that could make its targets' worst fears come true. Irnakk also appeared to be extremely strong, far stronger than a Toa or Piraka, although his strength was not on the level of Keetongu or a Kanohi Dragon.

Set Information

  • The set combined Reidak, Thok, and Vezok, as well as eight exclusive pieces not from those sets.
  • The set number was 8626.
  • The set contained 129 pieces.
  • The set was exclusively sold at Wal-Mart.


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