Iron Canyon
Map-Iron Canyon
Location Information
Primary ResidentsSand Bats, other creatures
Former Residents
LocationNorth of Vulcanus, south of Atero

The Iron Canyon was a canyon located on Spherus Magna.


During the Core War, a battle was fought in Iron Canyon in which several members of the Glatorian species fought, including Ackar. Due to dangerous terrain and narrow passageways, armies were forced to hide often, and march single file. During these single file marches, many successful ambushes were sprung on enemy armies.

After The Shattering, the Iron Canyon region was separated along with other geological locations from Spherus Magna onto Bara Magna. Following that event, the Fire Tribe had established themselves in the village of Vulcanus, located to the west of the canyon.

A few weeks after the Battle of Atero, a group of Bone Hunters led by Fero had rode through Iron Canyon to Raid Vulcanus. However, when the Fire Tribe Agori and a group of Glatorian launched traps in the canyon, the Bone Hunters retreated. Once the Vulcanus forces were convinced the Bone Hunters had given up, Fero's forces rode away from Iron Canyon and instead attacked from the south.

Sometime after Teridax's death, Karzahni escaped the Matoran Universe, but was killed by an unknown murderer and fell deep into the canyon.

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