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Iron Tribe
Iron Tribe Information
Species AffliationAgori, Glatorian
EnemiesOther Tribes
HomelandSpherus Magna/Bara Magna
StatusWiped out

The Iron Tribe was a tribe living in Bota Magna mountains.

Thousands of years ago, Annona, a glowing creature starving for dreams, found the Iron Tribe and ate theirs. This caused them to go insane and somehow killed them. Eventually, this became known as the Dreaming Plague.

The few that survived changed their armor colors and tried to go to live in the other tribes, but were shunned, as they were thought to carry the disease.

Known Members



  • Sahmad
  • A female Agori whom Sahmad loved - Deceased
  • The leader of the Iron Tribe, who tried to stop the Dreaming Plague - Deceased
  • A survivor who tried to return to the system but was killed by Agori of other tribes - Deceased
  • Many Iron Agori who were infected and died. - Deceased
  • A handful of Iron Agori who were not infected.


  • Before they were struck by the plague, the members of the tribe worshiped the Skopio Creature.
  • The members of the Iron Tribe originally wore gray and dark blue armor, however, those who survived the plague used minerals to change the color of their armor to be mostly orange or yellow-orange.
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