Iron Wolf.png
Iron Wolf
Species Information
HomelandSpherus Magna, retreated to Bara Magna after The Shattering
Species StatusMost Alive

Iron Wolves were biomechanical wolves created by the Great Beings.


The Iron Wolves were created by the Great Beings to aid in the Core War. They were originally used by the Ice Army and Surel was known to have trained a pack of Iron Wolves. However, he was badly hurt in the War. As a result of this, the wolves protected him from harm and gave him food.

Several years later, Tarduk, Crotesius and Kirbold travelled north of the White Quartz Mountains on an expedition. Some of the Iron Wolves of Surel's pack started following them. The Agori made several attempts to distract the wolves, but all failed. In the end, the Agori ended up in the wolves' lair. At that point Surel showed up, commanding the wolves to relax. Moments later, the Elemental Lord of Ice triggered an avalanche. This was soon interrupted by the Elemental Lord of Fire. After that, the wolves retreated.



  • The appearance of the Iron Wolf was created by BZPower Forum Leader -Shannara- for the BIONICLE fan magazine KanohiJournal's "KanohiJournal Storyline Contest #3: Iron Wolf MOC Section". It came in first place and was accepted into the official canon.

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