Protector of Ice.png
Biographical Information
Group Protectors
Mask Elemental Ice Protector Mask
Colors White, transparent aqua
Element/Powers Ice
Homeland Okoto
Tools Ice Saw, Elemental Ice Blaster
Location The ice region of Okoto
Pronunciation N/A
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Izotor was the Protector of Ice and chief of the villagers who resided in the snow-covered mountains and tundras of Okoto.


Izotor inherited his position of defending Okoto's Region of Ice from a long line of Protectors of Ice. During his time as Protector, Skull Spiders began to menace Okoto. When the stars aligned, as foretold by the Prophecy of Heroes, Izotor joined the other Protectors at the Temple of Time and recited a prayer. Six Toa then fell from the sky onto Okoto. Izotor sought out Kopaka and guided him through the Region of Ice for weeks to find the Golden Mask of Ice.

Personality and Traits

Izotor is wise, and has been entrusted with the historical knowledge of the Prophecy of Heroes.

Powers and Equipment

Izotor wore a special Elemental Ice Mask, passed down from generation to generation. He also wielded an Elemental Ice Blaster and an Ice Saw for attacking and defending.

Set Information

  • Set Number 70782.
  • Contains 68 parts.
  • Includes a silver Skull Spider.
  • Can be combined with Kopaka (70788)
  • Stands over 5” (15cm) tall

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