Jetrax T6
Item Information
Primary User(s)Antroz, Kopaka
Primary LocationCodrex

The Jetrax T6 was one of the three vehicles in the T-series.


The Jetrax T6, Rockoh T3, and Axalara T9 were created by Artakha. They were then placed inside the Codrex, located in Karda Nui, sometime before the Toa Mata were created.

The vehicle was found by Kopaka when the Toa Nuva entered the Codrex, though, before he could claim it, Antroz jumped in and left. Lewa, piloting the Axalara, and Pohatu, in the Rockoh, chased Antroz through the upper and lower Karda Nui until finally the vehicle was claimed by Kopaka.

The three vehicles were later used to help the Toa Nuva escape Karda Nui before the Energy Storms began, and they flew to Metru Nui afterward.

It was then teleported to the Codrex by Artakha along with the other two T-series vehicles.


Set Information[]

Jetrax T6[]

  • Jetrax T6 includes 422 pieces, of which 389 is used to build the Jetrax T6, 33 are used to build the special Edition Antroz
  • Jetrax T6's set number is 8942.
  • Both the yellow and normal Jetrax have a handle on the bottom for easy play.

Special Edition Jetrax T6[]

A special edition of Jetrax T6 was released as a Target-Exclusive. This version replaced blue parts and some silver parts with yellow. This form of the Jetrax T6 is meant to represent it when it hit a lightstone in the Codrex, and supercharged with energy. It was shown in the Summer 2008 Lego catalog with the set number of the regular Jetrax T6 set. It was accidentally shown instead of the normal Jetrax T6.

Alternate model[]

Instructions to make an alternate model from pieces of the Jetrax T6, the Destral Cycle, were released. It, however, did not appear in the storyline.


  • Of the three T-series vehicles, Jetrax was the fastest.

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