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Biographical Information
Species Vorox
Homeland Spherus Magna
Occupation Leader of Vorox pack
Tools Blaster, tail
Location Bota Magna
Status Alive
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Very wise. My people are suspicious of strangers at the best of times. Strangers with the ability to create lightning or make objects move -- the world would be a far safer place if such beings were dead.
— Kabrua to Gelu, The Yesterday Quest

Kabrua was a Bota Magna Vorox. He fought under the command of the Element Lord of Sand during the Core War. When the Shattering occurred, he was stranded on Bota Magna, where he retained his ability to speak normally. He eventually became the leader of a group of other regular Vorox. Somehow, while on Bota Magna, he knew about the Vorox on Bara Magna.


Early Life[]

Like all Vorox, Kabrua was originally a member of the Glatorian species that were Warriors in the Core War when it took place.

Bota Magna[]

After the war, the Shattering occurred, splitting the species apart. The Sand Tribe Glatorian on Bara Magna regressed into less evolved, bestial creatures. However, the Bota Magna Vorox, including Kabrua, were not regressed to as much an extent as the Bara Magna Vorox. Kabrua's tribe still had access to long-ranged weaponry, which had been used in the war; they could also still speak, and had the ability to construct their own nets.

Spherus Magna[]

After the recreation of Spherus Magna, he and his tribe met Gelu, Orde, Chiara, and Zaria on their way to Bota Magna. The Toa and Gelu were soon captured; Kabrua ordered that all of them were to be taken back to their city. Afterward, the Toa were sent out into the woods to be tracked and killed by the Vorox.

Arriving in a rocky region, Kabrua saw Orde and Gelu standing there without the others, knowing that they were planning an ambush. He then stated that he knew about Toa Power and how to deactivate it. Gelu and Orde ran off, in order to lure Kabrua away from the others. Arriving at a river, Orde tried reading his mind, though Kabrua sensed his presence. Inside Kabrua's mind, Orde found out that a Great Being had been living in the Matoran Universe for the last 100,000 years, and, now that he was back on Spherus Magna, he planned to do something horrible.

Powers and Equipment[]

Like most Vorox, Kabrua had a tail which he could use to sting his opponents. He also possessed a blaster that was capable of firing explosive spheres.

Additionally, Kabrua possessed an unknown object which could block Toa powers.



  • Kabrua is the only known Vorox to be mentioned by name in the series.