They come in different sizes and colors, but unfortunately, all have the same personality: foul. Iruini once suggested that we target the Kahgarak after a Zivon has been summoned and make it impossible for the Visorak to get rid of the monster. We rejected the idea since the Zivon would devastate everything in sight if let loose.
Rahaga Pouks
Species Information
ColorsDark Blue and Gold or White, Light Blue
Species StatusActive

Kahgarak were the elites of the Visorak army, and were much larger than the other Visorak breeds. They were also the only breed of Visorak to sometimes have six legs. They often led smaller Kahgarak units on hunts, and also served as guards for the Coliseum and other important sites. Kahgarak spinners could cloak an opponent in a field of shadow which would move with them wherever they went. While the target could survive in the dark field, they cannot see or hear anything beyond it, nor were they able to communicate with anyone outside it. To an outsider, it would appear as if the Kahgarak's enemy had simply been swallowed by the shadows and disappeared. These shadow Rhotuka were also used to summon the Zivon, an immense Rahi, whom the Visorak used to defeat more frustrating enemies.

They ranged from 6 feet tall and 9 feet wide to 12 feet tall and 18 feet wide. When the Kahgarak and the other Visorak were summoned to the island of Artidax by Heart of the Visorak, they were killed by a volcanic eruption.


All three variants of Kahgarak.

When Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, he recreated the breed along with the other Visorak. After his death, all Visorak became a feral race.

Set Information[]

  • A Kahgarak can be made using pieces from 8743 Boggarak and 8747 Suukorak.
  • A Kahgarak was introduced in the 8758 Tower of Toa playset. It was smaller than the other two variants and had a golden Kanohi Kraahkan, white tusks, and a dark blue body and legs.
  • Another golden Kahgarak was included in the 8759 Battle for Metru Nui playset. It had a golden Vohtarak body piece and dark blue legs. Like the combiner model, it had Suukorak style pincers. This variant also appeared in Web of Shadows, where Roodaka rode in on one after she knocked the Toa Hordika unconcious during the final battle.
  • A third Kahgarak could be built as an alternate model for the 8757 Visorak Battle Ram playset. This variation had a catapult built on its back and its pincers removed.


  • The Kahgarak was sometimes called a "great Visorak". This was, however, false.

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