Kaita were fusions of three beings into one single being.

Toa KaitaEdit

Toa Kaita were a fusion of three Toa. Once the beings fused, they merged into a completely different being with a distinct personality, Kanohi, and weapons. Only two Toa Kaita have been seen thus far: Akamai and Wairuha, formed from the Toa Mata. Other Toa could form Kaita, but didn't. Toa Hordika couldn't form Kaita, as they lacked the mental focus to stay together.

Matoran KaitaEdit

Matoran Kaita were formed when three Matoran fuse. As long as they have separate Elements, they could be formed.

None have appeared in the storyline, but two could be created from the McDonald's sets.

Turaga KaitaEdit

A Turaga Kaita was a fused form of any Turaga of different Elements. Unlike the other Kaita, a Turaga Kaita required four Turaga to form.

None appeared in the storyline, but one could be made from the Vakama, Nokama, Matau, and Nuju sets.

Rahkshi KaitaEdit

The Rahkshi Kaita were fusions of three different Rahkshi. Only two have appeared so far:

Bohrok KaitaEdit

A Bohrok Kaita was a combination of three Bohrok into one. Unlike most Bohrok, these had two Krana. None have appeared, but two are known to exist:

Bohrok-Va KaitaEdit

Va Kaita 2

A Bohrok-Va Kaita

The Bohrok-Va Kaita were fusions of three Bohrok-Va into one larger being. None have appeared in the story, but two were combiner sets.

Bohrok-Kal KaitaEdit

Three of the Bohrok-Kal could also merge to form a Bohrok-Kal Kaita. Only one has appeared in storyline, though two are known to exist:

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