Species Information
Colorsblack, red
WeaponsHorns, teeth
Species StatusMost alive

Kane-Ra were bull-like Rahi usually seen in Po-Wahi or Ko-Wahi on the island of Mata Nui and were native to Po-Metru on Metru Nui. Kane-Ra were solitary, omnivorous eaters and extremely territorial. They could stretch their necks to strike at opponents. When overtook by a Kraata-infected mask, Teridax usually had Kane-Ra work with Muaka. They were one of the largest plant-eating Rahi on Metru Nui and Mata Nui. Back in Metru Nui, Kane-Ra were not a real threat to Matoran. A majority of the Kane-Ra species in the Matoran Universe later migrated to Spherus Magna.

Set Information

Kane-Ra as a set

  • Kane-Ra was released in 2001 and sold with a Muaka model.
  • The set number was 8538 and contained 633 parts.
  • The Kane-Ra can also be combined with the Muaka to make the Kuma-Nui.
  • If you took off the Kane Ra's Kanohi its arms would fall off, representing injury.


  • The Dark Hunter known as Charger was a Kane-Ra bull before becoming an intelligent humanoid. How this happened is unknown.
  • There is a legend that a mutant Kane-Ra guards a tunnel maze somewhere below the Onu-Metru Archives. This is said to actually be an Artakha Bull.
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