The Mask of Shielding protected all of us! It could never do that before!

Tahu Nuva, Comic 8: The End of the Toa?

Kanohi Nuva
Hau NuvaKaukaunuva
Kanohi Nuva
Power(s)Gave user(s) enhanced Kanohi powers
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Nuva
Pronunciationka-NO-hee NOO-vah

The Kanohi Nuva were a more powerful and advanced type of Kanohi.


The Kanohi Nuva were worn by the Toa Nuva after they were immersed in Energized Protodermis and transformed. Most of the Kanohi Nuva were created in Artakha and teleported to the island of Mata Nui for the Toa Nuva to use. Each Toa collected one of each type of mask, which they kept at their Suva. However, upon entering the Universe Core, they lost the ability to access the masks they had stored on Metru Nui, due to Karda Nui's shielding. The Toa Nuva also received new Kanohi Nuva from Artakha when they received their Adaptive Armor; these new masks had the same powers as their original masks.

Unique Powers

As Kanohi Nuva existed on a higher level of power then regular Great Kanohi, each Kanohi Nuva gave their wearers new powers; these abilities were standard to all Kanohi Nuva. Below is a list of the known unique Kanohi Nuva powers:

  • All Kanohi Nuva gave their user(s) an enhanced version of the original mask's power.
  • All Kanohi Nuva let their user(s) share their mask power with nearby beings (including Matoran, animals, and Spherus Magna inhabitants), although its range was limited.
  • Only Toa Nuva could activate the powers of a Kanohi Nuva.

Known Kanohi Nuva

Pakari adapted

A swamp-adapted Pakari Nuva

If they were combined, they could create:

  • The Aki Nuva, the Kanohi Nuva of Valor - Formerly would have been worn by Akamai Nuva
  • The Rua Nuva, the Kanohi Nuva of Wisdom - Formerly worn by Wairuha Nuva


  • Order of Mata Nui member Trinuma wore a Hau Nuva mask piece in his set form. It was not a Kanohi Nuva in the story, however.
  • Hypothetically, one could create a Kanohi Nuva version of almost any standard Kanohi (e.g. Huna Nuva, Iden Nuva, etc.).

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