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A Kanohi Pack in bag-form.


U.K./European version of the Kanohi Pack

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U.S. version of the Kanohi Pack

The Kanohi Pack was a set of collectibles released in 2001. The packs were first released in a bag form and then changed to a boxed version. 

Each pack contained two separate masks: a Great Kanohi for any of the six Toa Mata in any Toa Mata color (Red, white, green blue, black, and brown) and a Noble Kanohi in any Turaga color (Light orange, light grey, light green, light blue, dark grey, and tan). On occasion, instead of a Noble Kanohi there would be an infected Hau and in some VERY rare cases there would be a Vahi, which was colored a bright orange color. Some packs contained one or a few misprinted masks.

The known misprints from the packs were the Toa's Kaukau in a more transparent blue and light gold, as well as the Turaga's Matatu and Ruru in Toa colors.

Set Information[]

U.K. & European version[]

  • The set number was 8530.
  • The set contained 5 pieces.
  • It was released on January 2001.
  • It was originally packaged in a polybag before changing it to a box version.

U.S. version[]

  • The set number was 8525.
  • The set contained 5 pieces.
  • It was released on July 2001.
  • It was originally packaged in a small box.


  • Although the U.S. Kanohi Pack officially states that it contained 6 pieces; it actually have 5 pieces (two random Kanohi, a Toa's head/face Technic piece, a Brain Stalk/Connector Block Eye Technic piece, and a Technic 3' axle piece) unless it also counts a random misprinted Kanohi.
  • In some U.S. states; a few people had claimed to have seen and brought the U.K./European Kanohi Pack 8530 (the polybag version) in retailers instead of the U.S. Kanohi Pack 8525 back when it was released in 2001. It is unknown whether or not this is true or this was to spread the word about the misprinted Kanohi.