Good Kardas...nice devastating monster. Are you my favorite engine of destruction? Yes, you are.
Vezon, BIONICLE Legends 5: Inferno
Kardas Dragon
Species Information
GroupGuardians of the Mask of Life (Formerly)
ColorsSilver, dark red, dark blue, and gold
WeaponsClaws, teeth, and tail
Species StatusAlive (Unique)

The Kardas Dragon was a gigantic creature which was originally a Fenrakk Spider.


When Vezon and Fenrakk were initially defeated by the Toa Inika, they fell into a pool of lava. Instead of dying, the Mask of Life furthertransformed Fenrakk into a new creature called the Kardas Dragon.

After being defeated by the Toa Inika, and defusing from Vezon after Matoro took the Ignika, Kardas made its way up to the island's surface, where it encountered and battled the Tahtorak, having come out of a portal created by Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak, and lost. After this defeat, Kardas flew off in the direction of Mata Nui, where it clashed with the Bohrok and was badly wounded in the fight. Gali Nuva then used her powers to heal it. It flew to Metru Nui and faced the Toa Mahri, once again, who defeated and captured it.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Kardas Dragon naturally generated concussive force inside its body which it could release in the form of explosive energy beams from its mouth. In fact, if it didn't release this force periodically, the concussive force would cause it to explode. It didn't share Fenrakk's ability to absorb the kinetic energy of motion.

Set information[]

  • Kardas was made from combining Axonn, Brutaka, and Fenrakk.
  • Kardas' set number was 10204.
  • Kardas had 670 pieces, including Vezon.

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