Kau Kau Staff
MNOLG-Kau Kau Staff
Weapon Information
FunctionChop through vegetation, channel elemental energy, melee combat
User(s)Turaga Matau
StatusIn use

The Kau Kau Staff was a Badge of Office used by the Turaga of Air, Matau. It was transformed from the Aero Slicers when Matau became a Turaga. It was named by the Turaga of Stone, Onewa after the "kau kau" cry of a Brakas monkey.

During the Av-Matoran Takua's quest for the Toa Stones, Turaga Matau lent him the staff as a reward for rescuing him from a dangerous Rahi.

Example Usage

In BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa, the Kau Kau Staff could be used to cut down small trees.

Badge of Office
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