"I do succeed in using my mask power to allow my friends to breathe water. When the flood tide subsides, Icarax is gone and the Toa Nuva, somehow, survive."
Gali, Toa Nuva Blog
Kaukau Nuva
Nuva Mask of Water Breathing
Power(s)Gave user(s) enhanced Water Breathing
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Nuva
PronunciationCOW-COW NOO-vah

The Kaukau Nuva was the Kanohi Nuva Mask of Water Breathing, formed when a destined Kanohi Kaukau was exposed to Energized Protodermis and transformed. The Kaukau Nuva gave its user and those nearby the power to breathe underwater for an indefinite amount of time, even at extreme depths. The Kaukau Nuva's power could have been used to suffocate opponents via sharing its power, but Toa considered that to be an immoral application. The only beings able to activate this mask's power were Toa Nuva.

Example UsageEdit

In the Toa Nuva Blog, Gali used her Kaukau Nuva to give herself and the other Toa Nuva the ability to breathe water and survive immense water pressures after she was released a Water Nova Blast in Karzahni.

Known WearersEdit


Picture 3

A swamp-adapted Kaukau Nuva

  • The Toa Nuva
    • Tahu Nuva - Former secondary mask, destroyed after the sinking of Ta-Koro.
    • Gali Nuva - Primary mask
    • Lewa Nuva - Secondary mask
    • Pohatu Nuva - Secondary mask
    • Onua Nuva - Secondary mask
    • Kopaka Nuva - Secondary mask
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