Try and grab a Kavinika off its perch and you will be lucky not to lose one or both hands. Even after the Visorak are dealt with, we will still have to find some way of penning up the Kavinika and finding out how their population is growing. Otherwise, Metru Nui will rapidly be overrun.
Rahaga Iruini, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts
Species Information
ColorsBlack, Blue and White
WeaponsClaws and teeth
Species StatusUnknown

Kavinika were wolf-like, bipedal Rahi once used by Ga-Matoran scientists to guard certain places, low - priority facilities and items. Unfortunately, they were overly aggressive and started to fight with each other, Rahi and Ussal Crabs. The Kavinika then threatened their Matoran masters. The Ga-Matoran tried to drive the Kavinika out of Ga-Metru, but they had little success. Their population exploded for some unknown reason.

Set Information[]

These wolf-like creatures were originally intended as guards for low-priority facilities. Unfortunately, their nature was such that they would fight each other, Ussal crabs, and even threatened their Matoran masters. As a result, efforts have been made to drive them out of the city, although with limited success so far. Build the Kavinika using pieces from 8608 Vhisola, 8609 Tehutii, and 8612 Ehrye.[1]


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