Kaxium V3
Caxium V3 (1)
Item Information
Primary User(s)Scodonius and Kirbraz
Primary LocationSpherus Magna
FunctionalitiesArena matches

The Kaxium V3 was a vehicle piloted by Scodonius and Kirbraz. Kirbraz was known to pilot the large, primary vehicle, while Scodonius piloted the smaller cycle.

Powers and abilities[]

The Kaxium V3 could separate into two smaller vehicles, which could be used for different arena matches.


The smaller cycle of the Kaxium V3 was armed with a Thornax launcher. description[]

Scodonius and Kirbraz are veterans of the arena and both highly skilled. Unfortunately, they can’t stand each other and are always trying to score the victory on their own. More than once, this attitude has cost Tajun matches, but since they win the really important fights, no one has told them to change their ways.

Tajun’s most formidable entrant in arena vehicle matches, the Kaxium V3 is a double threat. The main cycle combines awesome speed, surprisingly thick armor, and a spiked Thornax launcher to create a mean machine. Add on the sidecar and you have extra ramming power.

Set Information[]

The Kaxium V3 was released as a set in the summer of 2009, along with the Agori Kirbraz and Sconodius. Its set number is 8993 and contained 251 pieces.

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