Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland
Location Information
Primary Residents{{{2}}}
Former ResidentsKeetongu's species and the Tahtorak species
LocationSouth-East from Southern Continent

Keetongu and Tahtorak's Homeland was a southern island home to Keetongu's species and the Tahtorak species.


100,000 years ago, this island was created by the Great Beings. It was inhabited by two native species, one being Keetongu's species, who used the other species, the Tahtorak, as steeds. 20,900 years later, this island came under the control of Makuta Chirox, who was assigned this island along with the island of Visorak to watch over by Makuta Miserix. However, 1,300 years ago, the homeland was attacked by Visorak, who killed Keetongu's species save for one- Keetongu, who fled to Metru Nui.

Society and Inhabitants

This island was home to Keetongu's and the Tahtorak species.

Topography and Location

This island's topography was unknown. It was located in the upper region of the south-eastern chain of the Southern Islands, or in Mata Nui's anatomy, his lower left leg.

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