Species Information
GroupRahi, Gukko
Species StatusAlive

Kewa were large bird Rahi that could be found in three varying breeds. Gukko birds were extremely swift, and generally peaceful, though they would fight if threatened. Le-Matoran often tamed Gukko for their Gukko Force. Rahaga Kualus insisted that "Gukko" is the incorrect name for the species, and may even be an insult in their language. Two of the breeds were previously called Kahu and "Kewa."

Mata Nui Online Game

In the Mata Nui Online Game, after Takua had saved Le-Koro, Takua got a flute song, Takua could use it to summon a Kewa he could ride the Kewa to any of the Koros except right after he got the song if he tried to go to Ko-Koro the Kewa would get hit by lightening.

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