Species Information
ColorsGrey, silver
WeaponsLegs, claws
Species StatusMost alive

Kikanalo were massive rhino-like herd Rahi.

Kikanalo lived on Metru Nui, and were typically found in the Sculpture Fields of Po-Metru, digging up excess pieces of Protodermis. The Rahi were usually dismissed as non-sentient brutes. However, Toa Nokama discovered them to be very intelligent while communicating to them through her Kanohi Rau. The animals' preferred tactic was simple: stampede. Such stampedes were feared by even the Dark Hunters. Additionally, they also wielded a sonic roar that could blow predators away. They once helped lead the Toa Metru to the prison where the rest of the team members and Turaga Lhikan were being held. They would later migrate to Mata Nui and back to Metru Nui.

Some Kikanalo were seen on Voya Nui; however, some of them were destroyed by the Piraka Hakann because "they were blocking his view".

Set Information[]

  • A Kikanalo was released with Toa Lhikan in 2004, with Lhikan able to sit on its back.
  • Their set number was 8811 and had a piece count of 214.

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