I don't even know what we're doing here. Who cares what's beyond the mountains? We have our own problems at home.
— Kirbold, Riddle of the Great Beings
Biographical Information
Species Agori
Group Ice Tribe
Mask None
Colors White and grey
Element/Powers None
Homeland Spherus Magna
Occupation Maintainence worker
Tools Blade
Location Spherus Magna (Reformed)
Status Alive
Pronunciation cir-bohld
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Kirbold was an Agori from the Ice Tribe. He was assigned to help prepare the Arena Magna for the Glatorian Championship battle.


Kirbold once lived on Spherus Magna until the Shattering occurred and left him stranded on Bara Magna. At some point in Kirbold's life, he accompanied Tarduk, Gresh and Strakk on a mission to transport a large amount of Exsidian to Vulcanus.

Kirbold was then sent to Atero to prepare the Arena for the Glatorian Tournament. When Tarduk found a tablet that led to an expedition to the North of Bara Magna, Kirbold decided to join despite his need to get back to Iconox. They were traveling through the White Quartz Mountains when they unwittingly stumbled upon a pack of Iron Wolf. They were soon rescued by a Glatorian named Surel, who told them that the Core War had never ended for the Element Lords, beings of fearsome power and former leaders of entire armies. The Element Lord of Ice then caused an avalanche to fall on them, but the avalanche was intercepted with the sudden appearance of the Element Lord of Fire. The expedition team took this chance to escape, but Kirbold later decided to turn back and return to Iconox at the Forest of Blades. While still at the Forest, they were set upon by the Element Lord of Jungle. They managed to escape when Kirbold injured the Element Lord with a lit torch. Shortly afterwords, they came across a river, but a giant hand dragged them under the water.They didn't drown, and they knew this was the work of the Element Lord of Water, who appeared before them. Eventually, the water started freezing and the Element Lord of Water was forced to escape, leaving the Agori to drown. They were then rescued by the Element Lord of Rock, who transformed into Tarduk, but made of stone, and tried to trap them, but was unsuccessful. The Element Lord let them continue their journey.

The expedition team then came across an archway known as the Spirit's Wish, a teleportation device built by the Great Beings. After going through it, Kirbold and the others woke up some time later and found themselves at a recently destroyed Arena Magna. Kirbold continued on the quest with Tarduk and Crotesius to find the location the team was searching for.

Not long after that he helped build the Mega-Village and later evacuated it when Mata Nui needed the robot to re-form Spherus Magna. He later witnessed Teridax's death and the re-formation of Spherus Magna.


He was willing to help in Atero, but just wanted to finish and get back to Iconox as quickly as possible.


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