Biographical Information
TribeWater Tribe
ColorsBlue, black, silver
OccupationVehicle Pilot
ToolsUnknown, if any
LocationSpherus Magna

Kirbraz was an Agori Vehicle Pilot from the Water Tribe.


Kirbraz previously lived on Spherus Magna as a member of the water tribe. After the Shattering he was stranded on Bara Magna and sheltered in Tajun. He became a skilled vehicle pilot along with his friend Scodonius. Together, they piloted the Kaxium V3 and won many important matches including the second to last vehicle great tournament. He evacuated Tajun when the Skrall attacked the village and later helped reform the prototype robot and the mega-village. He evacuated the village when Mata Nui needed to use it and hid in some caves with the other Agori until Teridax destroyed them. He also witnessed the reformation and healing of Spherus Magna.

Set Information

  • Kirbraz was released in the summer of 2009 along with Sconodius and the Kaxium V3 as set 8993 which contained 251 pieces and 14 of these pieces made Kirbraz.
  • Kirbaz, Scodonius and with the Kaxium V3's B.I.O. Code is K4X1UM.


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