"The brown Rahaga fired a lasso Rhotuka and dragged the green spider into the small crater that Dume had made. Just as the Rhotuka's energies dissipated, though, Dume activated his Noble Kiril and closed the hole in the pavement around one of the Visorak's feet."
—Narration, The Dweller Report
Mask of Regeneration
Power(s)Let user regrow inorganic substances
Notable Wearer(s)Matoran/Toa/Turaga Dume

The Kanohi Kiril was the Mask of Regeneration. It gave its user the power to repair damage to inorganic objects within their range of vision. The only difference between the Great and Noble Kirils was that the amount the Noble Kiril could regrow was smaller. Neither versions of the Kiril could heal organic damage; only the Great Kiril could regenerate Protosteel.

Kiril were made from Regeneration Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Example UsageEdit

Noble: According to BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated, Turaga Dume used his Kiril to begin reconstructing Metru Nui while the Matoran were on Mata Nui.

Known WearersEdit


  • Toa Dume - Formerly; transformed into its Noble version when he became a Turaga.


  • Turaga Dume
  • Makuta Teridax - Formerly; abandoned when he stopped masquerading as Turaga Dume.
  • A past hero Toa Hagah Norik honored with his mask


  • Dekar - Formerly; lost when the Kanohi Ignika changed him into the second Hydraxon.
  • Matoran Dume - Formerly, transformed into its Great version when he became a Toa.


  • While Norik wore a Kanohi in the shape of a Noble Kiril, it was actually a Great Pehkui.
  • The Tower of Toa's gateway was designed in the shape of a Noble Kiril.
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