Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Po-Matoran
Mask Mata Nui: Kaukau
Metru Nui: Komau
Colors Brown, Tan
Element/Powers Stone
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Occupation Mata Nui: Hewer
Metru Nui: Chute Manager
Tools None
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Kee-vee
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Kivi was a Po-Matoran native to Metru Nui.


Metru Nui[]

Kivi Matoran

Kivi on Metru Nui.

On Metru Nui, Kivi was a Chute Manager. It was Kivi who alerted Ahkmou to the fact that Nidhiki and Krekka were looking for him, which encouraged him to join Onewa and the Toa Metru on their quest for the Great Disks.

Mata Nui[]

On Mata Nui, Kivi was a stone hewer and worked hard in Po-Koro to ensure that all stones were ready for carving. He was also rebuilt into a stronger form at the Kini-Nui after the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal.

Return to Metru Nui[]

When the Matoran returned to Metru Nui, Kivi helped in the construction of the Boats needed to make the trip across the Silver Sea. He then resided in Metru Nui once again. He then began working on the statues of Teridax that "Turaga" Ahkmou ordered the Po-Matoran to carve of him.

Spherus Magna[]

Sometime later he evacuated the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna.



  • Kivi means "rock" in finnish.
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