Brickmaster Sept Oct 2008
Species Information
ColorsGray, white, silver
WeaponsSonic screams
Species StatusAlive

Klakk were bat-like Rahi that were created by Makuta Mutran.


A number of Klakk were used to keep Makuta Miserix in his pit-like prison on Artidax. But over time, Miserix absorbed the bat-like Rahi due to the irritating screeching noises they were making, which had greatly annoyed him and to also to "grow in size" so he can be immune to their sonic screams.

Some time later, Makuta Mutran created a Klakk on Karda Nui to guard his equipment in the swamp after his Shadow Leech Hive was destroyed by Toa Ignika. However the Rahi did not obey its order and escaped after attacking Vican and turned him back to his former self. The Klakk was soon found by Takanuva who used the Rahi to attack him and the Shadow Matoran (that were with the Makuta) to cure them from their condition.

However, all of the Klakk were later killed by the Energy Storms in Karda Nui. It is unknown if there is any other Klakk that are still alive in other places nor knowing if any survived that may have migrated to Spherus Magna.

Abilities and Traits[]

Klakk had the ability to unleash powerful sonic screams, which could quell even a Makuta. Their screams could also destroy the mental barrier that kept moral light from naturally returning to a being, thus reversing the effects of a Shadow Leech, an Avsa, or Gorast's stinger, thus changing whoever was affected by any of those things back to their normal selves. The first Matoran to return from being a Shadow Matoran to normal by the Klakk was Vican. The Klakk species have also cured Takanuva, Gavla, Kirop, and Radiak, as well as several other unknown Shadow Matoran.

Set Information[]

  • The Klakk is a Brickmaster-exclusive set for the September-October issue in 2008.
  • Its set number is 20005.
  • It has 38 pieces.
  • The Klakk has a Aqua Warblade at the back of its head.