150px-Nuju Tower

Nuju jumping from a Knowledge Tower

The Knowledge Towers were various of different towers, and they were located in Ko-Metru.

Their purpose was to act as a place for Ko-Matoran Scholars to work and study.


Nuju found his Toa Stone in the Knowledge Towers.

Also the Ko-Metru Great Disk was found in an icicle on a Knowledge Tower.

The Toa Hordika traveled to a Knowledge Tower to search for the Makoki Stones for Rahaga Norik,


Knowledge Towers were grown by tossing a knowledge crystal (the size of a Matoran's hand) into a special cradles located in various spots in Ko-Metru. The crystal then grows in a rapid pace until it stands along the older towers.

Tower layout

Each tower contained living quarters, libraries, observatories, special storage areas, and laboratories.


Ko Matoran

Ko-Matoran working in the Towers


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