Species Information
ColorsWhite, blue-grey, light grey, dark grey, black
HabitatCold and icy areas
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Ko-Matoran were Matoran of Ice. Their innate elemental powers gave them strong resistance to cold temperatures.

Ko-Matoran usually wore armor in the colors of white, and light shades of blue and grey and had pale blue eyes as well. Being Ice Matoran, they possessed a natural resistance to the extreme cold of the Knowledge Towers. Ko-Matoran were quiet to the point of being antisocial, and spent a lot of time being lost in thought, pondering the future in accordance with their main virtue of Destiny and the principle of Peace. In Metru Nui, they spent most of their time watching the stars and considering prophesies, with less experienced Ko-Matoran running errands for the more accomplished scholars; little appeared to have changed on Mata Nui.

The Ko-Matoran remained isolated and refused to socialize with other Matoran, in particular being annoyed by the past-centered nature of the Onu-Matoran. They were known to be excellent trackers and trappers.

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