Ko-Wahi Beach
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone (destroyed)
Former ResidentsUssal crabs
LocationMata Nui

The Ko-Wahi Beach was the part of beach located along the west coast of Mata Nui.


The beach along with the rest of the island was formed after the Great Spirit was rendered comatose by the machinations of Makuta and collapsed into the seas of Aqua Magna; the trauma caused Mata Nui's camouflage system to malfunction and create an island over his submerged face.

Centuries later, after a wandering Matoran accidentally summoned the Toa Mata to the island, Ko-Wahi beach became the site of Kopaka's awakening when thecanister bearing him washed ashore. After recovering from his 1,000-year rest, Kopaka wandered further inland into Ko-Wahi, with no memories other than his own name and his power over Ice.

Many years and events later, Kopaka, along with Turaga Nokama and fellow Toa Gali returned to this place before the Matoran departed to Metru Nui.

The beach was later razed by the reawakened Bohrok swarms, and what was left later crumbled and sank beneath the sea after Mata Nui's awakening.

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