This is about the Po-Matoran; you may be looking for the Kodan Ball, a Toa Tool used by Pohatu Nuva.

Kodan (Matoran)
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Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Po-Matoran
Mask Unknown
Colors Brown
Element/Powers Stone (Inactive)
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Occupation Chronicler (Formerly)
Tools Chronicler's Staff
Location N/A
Status Deceased
Pronunciation koe-dan
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Kodan was the Metru Nui Chronicler, and the Matoran credited with inventing the sport of Akilini.


Kodan began his job as Chronicler when Lhikan and ten other Toa arrived to fight the Kanohi Dragon. He continued at this job for millennia, until Makuta Teridax (disguised as Turaga Dume) sent him with two Toa on a mission from which they never returned. The cause for their disappearance was that Teridax had the Dark Hunter "Eliminator" exterminate all of the Toa he sent on missions to seal off the gates to Metru Nui. Kodan was killed with them; the role of Chronicler would not be taken up again for over a thousand years, until Takua was given the title by the Turaga.

When killed by Eliminator, Kodan's body was completely incinerated by the Dark Hunter's powers. Thus, there was nothing left for the Red Star to transport, rebuild, and revive.

Dark Mirror[]

In an alternate timeline where Toa ruled as dictators, Kodan was still alive and working as the Metru Nui Chronicler. He was part of Lesovikk's resistance team, which consisted of Takua, Pohatu, Krakua, Matoran Nuju, Ahkmou and several Makuta and Dark Hunters.


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