Species Information
ColorsWhite, light gray
Tools and AbilitiesIce Shields, elemental ice abilities

Kohrak were one of the six subspecies caste of Bohrok; they controlled the element of Ice.


Korahk were one of the Bohrok created by the Great Beings. They were created when a destined Av-Matoran's lifespan ended. A Korahk, at one point, was exposed to a mutagenic substance, turning it into a Kohrak-Kal.

Makuta Teridax later awakened the Bohrok swarms early. A Kohrak swarm then attacked Ta-Koro with some Pahrak, though they were defeated. The Kohrak were put to sleep after the Toa Mata combined their powers to imprison the Bahrag. They were later awakened by the Toa Nuva when they were doing a list of things Axonn gave them to do. The Toa released the Bahrag, and in turn awakened the Kohrak. The Kohrak later cleansed the land of Mata Nui. They then returned to the Bohrok nest.

Personality and Traits[]

Korahk considered themselves invincible and were dismissive of danger. They would carry on working until they had no choice but to react. This made it easier for the Toa and their villagers to capture individual Kohrak. However, when one would respond, the entire group would as well. They had no regard for their own safety. They were great tacticians and undercover workers. However, they had one weakness: they confronted one on one, rather than as a unified force, forcing them to rely on their formidable individual skills.

Powers and Equipment[]

Kohrak wielded the elemental ability of Ice. Their ice shields allowed them to freeze any substance, even open flame. Kohrak's bodies generated such intense cold other Bohrok avoided their company.

Set Information[]

  • Kohrak was released in 2002.
  • Kohrak's set number was 8565 and had 40 pieces.
  • Their sets contained a light blue Krana that was picked randomly.

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