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Kopaka Information
Species Toa
Mask Unity Mask of Ice, Golden Unity Mask of Ice, Mask of Ice (formerly), Golden Mask of Ice (formerly)
Colors White, transparent aqua, silver, dark blue, gold
Element/Powers Ice, Cold resistance
Occupation Master of Ice
Tools Elemetal blade of ice, Elemental Ice Blaster,
Frost Shield/Avalanche Skis (formerly), Ice Spear (formerly)
Location Okoto
Status Alive
Pronunciation Koh-PAH-Kah
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Kopaka was a Toa and the Master of Ice on Okoto.


After being summoned by the Protector elders, Kopaka and the other Toa landed on Okoto and embarked on a quest to find the Mask of Creation and fight evil. When Kopaka landed in the Region of Ice, he was greeted by the Protector of Ice. The two subsequently embarked on a journey to claim the Toa's Golden Mask.


Kopaka's previous form

As two journeyed through the region, Skull Spiders followed their every move. Upon arriving at the location of the Golden Mask, the Protector of Ice decided to hold off the advancing creatures while Kopaka claimed his Mask. Before the Protector could be completely overtaken by Skull Spiders, Kopaka skied down to him, grabbed him, and formed an ice shield around them. The Toa then set off for the Ancient City.

Upon arrival there, he and the other Toa were greeted by Tahu, who claimed that it was under his leadership that they were together now. This angered Kopaka, who fought with the Master of Fire Until being stopped by Onua. Pohatu then told everyone that was an evil presence nearby. Just as the Toa of Stone said that, the Lord of Skull Spiders appeared before the Toa and blocked their path. The Toa tried to individually defeat him, to no avail. However, per Onua's suggestion, the Toa joined forces and defeated the Lord of Skull Spiders.

No sooner had this happened than the Toa began to hear the voice of Ekimu speaking to them through their Golden Masks. He praised their courage, and encouraged them to find his resting place. With that, Kopaka and the Toa set off through the Ancient City, guided by their masks.


Kopaka has perfectionist tendencies, holding himself to a strict moral code. Chivalrous and formal, he sometimes puts off the other Toa with his cold and introverted nature.

Powers and Tools[]


Kopaka's weapons

Kopaka has the ability to freeze whatever he touches and is resistant to cold. He wields a double edged crystal ice blade. He formerly used a Frost Shield that can change into a pair of Avalanche Skis for escapes and travel or into two blades. He also carried an Ice Spear.

Kopaka originally wore the Mask of Ice and later the Golden Mask of Ice. They have been replaced by the Unity Mask of Ice and Golden Unity Mask of Ice.

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