Protector of Earth
Biographical Information
Group Protectors
Mask Elemental Earth Protector Mask
Colors Black, transparent violet, silver
Element/Powers Earth
Homeland Okoto
Tools Star Drill, Throwing Knives, Rapid Shooter
Location The subterranean region of Okoto
Pronunciation core-got
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Korgot was the Protector of Earth and the elder of the villagers who resided underground on Okoto.


She is the only female Protector. She protects her village in a position inherited from her father. When the Skull Spiders threatened Okoto, the protecters recited a prayer to bring the Toa to Okoto. She then found Onua and traveled with him to find the Golden Mask of Earth. They later found it, but Skull Spiders attacked. Onua put the mask on and saved her.

Personality and Traits[]

Korgot is wise, and has been entrusted with the historical knowledge of the Prophecy of Heroes. She is highly pragmatic, taking Onua's amnesia and confusion in stride and doing her best to guide him in his journey. She is also dedicated to protecting the people of Okoto, and willing to face any threat to do so. Korgot boasts excellent night vision. 

Powers and Equipment[]

Korgot wears a special Elemental Earth Mask, passed down from generation to generation. She wields a Star Drill for attacking and mining purposes, as well as a pair of Throwing Knives.

Set Information[]

  • Set Number 70781.
  • Contains 66 parts.
  • Includes a pale green Skull Spider.
  • Can be combined with Onua (70789)
  • Stands over 5" (13cm) Tall.

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