Kraahu Information
Species Robot
Group Vahki
Mask {{{4}}}
Colors Blue, yellow-orange, grey
Element/Powers {{{6}}}
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation To preserve order in Metru Nui
Tools Staff of Suggestion, Staff of Loyalty, Staff of Confusion, Kanoka
Location Metru Nui
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation Kra-hoo
Video {{{Video}}}

The Kraahu was an elite Vahki model designed to protect and maintain order in Metru Nui.


The Kraahu were built to help maintain order in Metru Nui and upheld the task until the Great Cataclysm. During the Great Cataclysm all Kraahu were destroyed.

Abilities and Traits[]

Unlike the Vahki, which had a central mechanism governing their intelligence, a Kraahu had knowledge centers located throughout its body. The advantage to this was that the Kraahu could actually split apart and send its individual pieces to act independently. This allowed it to challenge multiple foes by sending its six legs off in six different directions, while its other components monitored the area and defended against attacks.

As a single unit, the Kraahu was capable of sending out clouds of stun gas. Kraahu parts also gave off a powerful electrical shock when touched.

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