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ColorsNone specific
Species StatusUnknown
"Some Rahi are savage, some are peaceful, some are benevolent, and some are as close to evil as you can get in a wild thing - and Krahka is all of those, and more. There's no way to plan a trap for her, because you never know what she will look like or be able to do next. So be careful - the next Rahi you see might be her."
—Rahaga Pouks, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

A Krahka was an intelligent shapeshifting Rahi. One for years made her home in the tunnels beneath the Archives.


The Toa Metru first encountered this Rahi while investigating a possible flood in the Archives. The Krahka almost succeeded in defeating them, only to fall when she tried to duplicate the powers of all six Toa at once.

Battle for Metru NuiEdit

Krahka later fought Roodaka, only to end up losing. To survive, she temporarily joined the Visorak Viceroy, planning all along to betray her. Roodaka then had her plant and reveal evidence that the current Toa Metru weren't the destined Toa Metru. She then began to aid the Toa Hordika.

During the assault on the Tower of Toa, she, along with the Tahtorak, began to fight the Zivon, summoned from the Zone of Darkness. During this fight, Krahka noticed a Kahgarak's Rhotuka heading for the Tahtorak, and managed to get the Zivon in the path of the Rhotuka, teleporting all three to the Zone of Darkness.

The Krahka and Tahtorak returned through a dimensional gate created by Brutaka while he tried to defeat Axonn.

Reign of ShadowsEdit

After the awakening of Mata Nui, the Turaga located Krahka on Metru Nui, where she agreed to aid them in their fight against Teridax.

She later found herself in Karzahni as part of a team with Tahu, Kopeke, "Guardian", Johmak, and Lariska. She witnessed "Guardian" leaving the team and promptly getting killed, and the team was then discovered by Exo-Toa. It is unknown what happened to Krahka in the ensuing confrontation.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Krahka had a very distinct personality, considering they are Rahi. They were very defensive of their territory, and would protect it at any cost. A Krahka was capable of speaking and understanding Matoran (although only after learning it from another being, not instinctively), forming complex strategies, and deceiving virtually anyone.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

She had the unique ability to change her form into that of any living being she had seen. In the process she gained the powers of those she imitated, could mimic their voices perfectly, and even gained some of their knowledge. Only the Rahaga had been able to pierce their disguises.

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