Biographical Information
Species Toa
Group Toa of Sonics
Mask Suletu
Colors Gray and Black
Element/Powers Sonics
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation None
Tools Sonic Sword
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation Krah-koo-ah

Krakua is a Toa of Sonics who will be the lone defender of a mysterious island fortress. Using his Kanohi Suletu, Mask of Telepathy, he stays ahead of his enemies by reading their thoughts. Krakua has the power of Sonics, or sound, and can use his sonic sword to unleash shockwaves that can shatter mountains. Krakua was able to communicate from his time in the future to Toa Vakama in the past during the latter's retrieval of the Vahi Mask of Time: warning Vakama that in order to save the future, he must be willing to destroy it; and that one day a group of heroes will be sent into danger and Vakama will not be able to do anything to help them. It is theorized that these heroes were the Toa Inika. Krakua's present-day status is unknown: he has likely not yet been empowered as a Toa, and may not even have been "born" yet; if he is alive as a Matoran in the present day, he lives somewhere other than Voya Nui or Metru Nui.

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