Species Information
ColorsDark green, brown, dark red,
HabitatSome hiding in either Ko-Metru, the Archives, or within the Great Barrier
Tools and AbilitiesShooting spheres of energy from their tails

Kralhi were the first attempt to create law enforcement robots for Metru Nui.


Kralhi were created by Nuparu after a sudden need for law enforcement on Metru Nui. However, they soon proved to be an inefficient method of stopping Matoran lawbreakers, as the goal was to render them unable to cause trouble and get them back to work as soon as possible; however, victims of the Kralhi would be unable to work for days as a result of the energy loss due to the bubbles their tails fired. Therefore, the Kralhi were deemed a failure and discontinued. The Matoran attempted to scrap them, but the Kralhi resisted and escaped. With the help of the newly-created Vahki, the Matoran were able to drive a group of Kralhi out of the city, with the Kralhi group eventually taking up residence in one of the large waterways leading to the island above.

Much later, when the Onu-Matoran Archivist Mavrah left the city with a group of ancient, enormous Rahi, he encountered the Kralhi. At first, he was afraid that they would attack him; instead, they still seemed to be driven by the programming of their original mission: to serve and protect the Matoran. For years, Mavrah, the Kralhi, and the Rahi lived in peace, until the Toa Metru came through the waterway bringing six Matoran to safety. Mavrah, who knew nothing of Teridax's attempted takeover of Metru Nui, assumed the Toa had been sent by Turaga Dume to bring him back, and ordered the Kralhi to capture them. A lengthy three-way battle ensued between the Toa, the Kralhi, and the Rahi, which was further complicated by the arrival of several dozen Vahki. In the end, the Kralhi were destroyed, Mavrah was presumed dead after being washed away by a massive wave, the Rahi were driven into the lake, and the Toa Metru trapped the remaining Vahki under a landslide.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kralhi were scorpion-like machines whose tails could produce and fire energy spheres to imprison a target. The sphere then drained the victim's energy until they passed out, directing that energy back to the Kralhi.

Set Information[]

This creature may resemble a Rahi, but in fact it is purely robotic. It was the early design prototype for the Metru Nui order enforcement squads, and perhaps two dozen of these were built. Its tail launches an energy bubble which can completely enclose an offender. The prototype then drains energy from its captive into itself, leaving the lawbreaker too weak to cause trouble for some time. They were eventually "retired" in favor of the more efficient Vahki, but these being refused to be shut off and are believed to be in hiding in some of the less-frequented sections of the Archives. Construct you own Kralhi using pieces from 8601 Toa Vakama, 8604 Toa Onewa, and 8605 Toa Matau.[1]

  • Kralhi could be built as a combiner set consisting of Toa Metru Onewa, Vakama, and Matau.
  • Kralhi was also available as a special set, which featured Toa Metru Vakama, Onewa, Matau and a poster. This set was only available in Europe.



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