Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Le-Matoran
Mask Powerless Hau
Colors Green
Element/Powers Air
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Occupation Disk Maker
Tools None
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Koo-moe
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Kumo was a Le-Matoran.


Metru Nui[]

Kumo's life on Metru Nui is unknown. The only part that is confirmed is that he was forced into a Matoran Sphere and re-awakened by the Toa Metru on Mata Nui.


Kumo forced to work in the Rama hive.

Mata Nui[]

Kumo was the best Bamboo Disk maker in Le-Koro and created ammunitions for the Gukko Force. During the saga of Infected Rahi, Kumo was trapped in the Nui-Rama Hive with the other Le-Matoran, where he was forced to work for the Rahi. He witnessed the battle of infected Lewa and Onua. When Onua won, Kumo was taken back to Le-Koro with the other Matoran.

During the Bohrok War, Kumo was enslaved by a Krana with the rest of Le-Koro's population. He was freed by a group of free Matoran.

After the Bohrok-Kal attack, Kumo was summoned to Kini-Nui with the other Matoran, where they were shown the rebuilt Jaller and Takua. Kumo too was rebuilt into a stronger form by the Turaga, like were all the Matoran.

Kumo helped Hahli when she was training for the Kolhii Championship by making disks for her to use in practicing Accuracy.

Return to Metru Nui[]

Kumo moved back to Metru Nui with the rest of the Matoran after it was rediscovered. Kumo helped to rebuild the city until the rest of it was repaired by the Staff of Artakha. Kumo also went to the ceremony made in honor for Matoro in the Coliseum.

He later evacuated the Matoran Universe onto the newly reformed Spherus Magna.


On the Bionicle PowerPack CD, the third track is called Kumo Rocks. It is unknown if there is any connection between the song and the Matoran.



  • Kumo [雲] means "cloud" in japanese.
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