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ToolsStaff of Anger
ColorsWhite, Gray

Kurahk was the Rahkshi of Anger.


A Kurahk, Vorahk, and Turahk were created by Teridax to find the Avohkii and stop the creation of a Toa of Light.

Their search led them to Onu-Koro, where Pohatu and Onua fought them. During the battle, an avalanche of rock created by Onua brought down from the ceiling of the underground city caused Onu-Koro to cave in, stopping the Rahkshi, but not before Kurahk corrupted Tahu with Anger.

Kurahk later arrived at Kini-Nui, where it was defeated by the Toa Nuva and rebuilt into the Ussanui.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Though he was fast and strong enough to down any foe, Kurahk preferred to turn his opponents against each other. His Staff of Anger could fire rings of anger, causing the target to be consumed by rage.

Kurahk Kraata were light gray metallic and white.

Individually, a Kurahk was chosen by Teridax because its power was the enemy of peace: The prospect of Ko-Matoran.

Set InformationEdit

  • A Kurahk was released as a canister set in 2003. Its set number was 8588.
  • Kurahk contained 45 pieces.
  • Rahkshi sets were the first ones to implement knee articulation, which became commonplace after 2003.
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