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The Labyrinth Control is a mysterious maze located on an island off the coast of Okoto's Region of Jungle, and the former hiding place of the Mask of Control.


It is unknown who built the maze or when, though even Ekimu expressed ignorance of its existence after the Toa learned of the Mask of Control's presence there from the Elemental Creatures. Those same creatures had been the ones to hide the mask there after Makuta donned the Mask of Ultimate Power, and eventually led the Toa there in hopes of recovering it. The Toa sensed a strange familiarity about the place and a possible connection between its origins and their own, though this would quickly be forgotten in their search for the mask. They eventually reached the center of the maze, only for Umarak to kidnap Ketar and steal the mask; Pohatu pursued him and managed to rescue the Creature of Stone. Umarak escaped with the mask, however, and the Toa soon departed the labyrinth to return to Okoto.