Lava Hawk
Lava Hawk.jpg
Species Information
ColorsDark red, dark green, silver
WeaponsBeaks, wings
Species StatusAlive

The Lava Hawk was a type of bird-like Rahi on Voya Nui which as impervious to heat. Their method of catching food was to dive into molten lava and feed on the bugs which lived within it. The Matoran would often collect metallic scales shed from its wings to make boats that could withstand lava.

Set Information

This Rahi bird is highly prized by the Matoran of Voya Nui, for it is completely invulnerable to the heat of molten lava. It hunts by diving straight into magma streams and feeding on insects that live in the lava. Matoran collect the metallic scales it periodically sheds from its wings to build craft capable of surviving passage down lava rivers.[1]

  • The Lava Hawk model can be made with sets 8725 Balta, 8723 Piruk and 8721 Velika.



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