Item Information
Primary User(s)Various
Primary LocationMatoran Universe
FunctionalitiesRiding lava flows

Lavaboards were heat-resistant surfboards created by Ta-Matoran and used to surf the lava flows on Mata Nui.


On Mata Nui, Lavaboards were crafted from protodermis and wood from the Charred Forest, and were used to cross the dangerous lava flows of Ta-Wahi. More daring Ta-Matoran would even surf the lava for sport in Ignalu races, which became a popular pastime among the Ta-Matoran.

During one of his first adventures, Takua received a lavaboard as a gift from Turaga Vakama; he first used it to take place in an Ignalu lava race, and later to escape an approaching lava eruption in the cavern containing Tahu's Toa Stone by using his Volo Lutu Launcher to harness the speed of a fleeing Rahi and escape the cavern. Subsequently, the wandering Ta-Matoran gave his lavaboard to Maglya to hang onto.

Some time after summoning the Toa Mata, Takua reclaimed his lavaboard, and used it to cross a flood of magma that had filled the path to a Lightstone cavern.

Later, immediately after discovering the Mask of Light, Takua used a different lavaboard to try and cross an underground magma river; however, his momentum didn't get him far enough, and Takua would have been burned alive had Tahu Nuva not surfed by on his own board (formed from his Magma Swords) and snatched him off his board before the wave could get him.