Species Information
ColorsGreen, lime green, dark green, turquoise, light aqua
HabitatAreas of high altitude
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Le-Matoran were Matoran with innate Air powers.

Le-Matoran usually came in shades of green and occasionally turquoise blue, with greenish-yellow-colored eyes, except on Metru Nui, where their eyes were red. These air Matoran had the heightened agility and reflexes needed to avoid high-speed crashes in the transport chutes. The average Le-Matoran loved thrills and dangerous sports, such as Chute Boarding, and would enjoy taking risks. The main virtues they followed are Unity and Duty, and from them they derived the principle of Faith. Le-Matoran were noted for using what is called "treespeak" (on Mata Nui) or "chutespeak" (on Metru Nui), a form of slang that generally combines two words into one (for example, "happy-joy" or "Toa-hero"). Le-Matoran were responsible for nearly all transport in Metru Nui: they flew airships, maintained chutes, and drove land transports; the only transport they wouldn't pilot was boats, which the Ga-Matoran took care of. On Mata Nui, they were known for their squadron of Gukko birds, called the Gukko Force that they rode into battle. They were also known for their enjoyment of music, and many Le-Matoran even made a career out of it.

The Le-Matoran were essential to all Matoran life in Metru Nui, as the city relied on the transportation provided by the Metru. Despite this, the Le-Matoran generally avoided feelings of superiority, recognizing their duty to Metru Nui and the Great Spirit. Due to how vital they were, Onu-Matoran, Po-Matoran, and Ko-Matoran often entered the city. The exceptions were the Ga-Matoran (who generally relied on boats for their transportation) and Ta-Matoran (who preferred to avoid the clutter of Le-Metru if at all possible).


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