League of Six Kingdoms
League of Six Kingdoms Information
Species AffliationVarious
AlliesXia, many other islands, Order of Mata Nui
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta
HomelandSeveral; unknown
GoalTo overthrow Mata Nui
Another chance to fight. To lead armies, to conquer. And when the Brotherhood falls, the League of Six Kingdoms will rise again.
Pridak, Destiny War

The League of Six Kingdoms was a powerful faction consisting of the six Barraki warlords and their armies.


The League of Six Kingdoms was originally created by Mata Nui as a more effective way to keep peace, but they turned on him, and attempted to seize power for themselves. During their time as warlords, the Barraki conquered many lands, and made an alliance with Xia.

At its height, the League had command of almost the entire Matoran Universe (except for Metru Nui and Artakha), headed from their capital at Xia.

In 80,000 BGC, the Barraki were subject to a surpise attack by the Brotherhood of Makuta do to the betrayal of Takadox. They were eventually defeated by Makuta Teridax, who wanted them executed for their crimes. Before this could take place, Botar of the Order of Mata Nui banished the Barraki to The Pit, against Teridax's will. They are still the Brotherhood of Makuta's worst enemies, even though they are confined in The Pit, and it was their actions against Mata Nui that inspired Teridax to overthrow Mata Nui. In the modern day, the organization is now known as the Barraki.

The six Barraki each led their own army, but overall command was Pridak's. Smaller units were called legions. One such type of legion was a Matoran Rear Guard Unit, which consisted of 53 Matoran. The only reference to one was one destroyed by Pridak's command. Battle leaders were also present throughout Barraki armies. They were not as strong as the Brotherhood, but were stronger than the Toa.

Known Members[]