Species Information
ColorsGreen, lime green
Tools and AbilitiesAcid Shields, acid

Lehvak were a subspecies caste of Bohrok, and one of the most feared.


Lehvak were designed by the Great Beings, based off of the Baterra they had created earlier. The Bahrag were then given the knowledge on how to create Lehvak, and when a destined Av-Matoran’s lifespan had ended, they would become a Bohrok.

A Lehvak, at one point, was exposed to a mutagenic substance, enhancing its armor and Krana and altering its powers, turning it into Lehvak-Kal.

Teridax, after being defeated by the Toa Mata, entered the chamber behind Mangaia and awakened the Bohrok early. Thinking they were needed, the Bahrag sent them to clean the island of Mata Nui.

A swarm of Lehvak helped the Pahrak in the first attack on Po-Koro, though they were defeated.

The Lehvak, after being awakened, attacked Le-Koro, they replaced all but two of the Le-Matoran masks with Krana. The Matoran told Toa Lewa that they needed him. The Matoran took off Lewa’s normal mask and replaced it with a Krana Za. Lewa was later saved by Toa Onua.

The Lehvak were put to sleep after the Toa Mata combined their powers to imprison the Bahrag.

They were later awakened by the Toa Nuva when they were doing a list of things Axonn gave them to do. They later cleansed the land of Mata Nui.

Personality and Traits[]

Lehvak worked in swarms, though they tended to operate best in smaller groups, hitting and running. They were the most individually motivated of all the Bohrok, and more than capable of thinking and operating alone. The Lehvak were clever tacticians. They would never strike in one place for long and it was difficult to predict where they would turn up next. The only way to stop them would be to corner a group and surprise each one individually.

Powers and Equipment[]

Lehvak were the only Bohrok that didn't have an elemental power, instead being able to shoot powerful acid from their claw-like shields, which could dissolve almost any substance. Because of this, they were the most dangerous and feared of Bohrok.

Set Information[]

  • Lehvak was released in 2002.
  • Lehvak's set number was 8564 and had 40 pieces.
  • The color of their Krana was red, which matched their eyes, like the rest of the Bohrok. The set contained a Krana that was picked randomly.

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