For the legendary Toa, see Lhikan. For the other Vahki Transport, see Lhikan II.

Lhikan I
Item Information
Primary User(s)Toa Metru
Primary LocationMetru Nui

The Lhikan was a Vahki Transport named in honor of the Toa of the same name.

It was first found by the Toa Metru in an underground room, when Vahki were chasing them. They used it to escape the Vahki on the surface and then started to ride it towards the Coliseum. It arrived there too late, for the Matoran had already been captured in Matoran Spheres. The Toa Metru rode the transport down to the Coliseum's lower levels after the Great Cataclysm, where they took six Matoran Spheres. Three were placed on either side of the transport. The Toa then carried the Matoran with it and tried to get to Great Temple but Vahki attacked them. Matau drove the transport to the bridges edge, from where they fell into the water. The Matoran Spheres kept the transport afloat and, after crossing the real sea of protodermis controlled by Teridax and sealing him in a Toa Seal, they headed for the Great Barrier. It carried the Toa Metru throughout the Silver Sea, and to Mata Nui on her "voyage of fear". The Lhikan suffered some damage after some parts of it melted after turning left. Then she and her crew encountered Mavrah and his befriended Rahi and prototype Vahki. Very little was left of the Lhikan when she reached Mata Nui, so the Toa Metru constructed the Lhikan II to carry them back to Metru Nui.