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Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Maku's love for Hewkii.

Lightstone Rifle
250px-Lightstone Rifle
Weapon Information
FunctionLaunching Lightstones
User(s)Dark Hunters
StatusIn use

The Lightstone Rifle was a ranged weapon created on Xia. It fires electrified Lightstones to blind opponents.


The Lightstone Rifle fires an electrically charged Lightstone that shatters on impact, stunning and blinding targets, destabilizing structures, and weakening Makuta, Rahkshi, and other Shadow beings. It was commissioned by the Dark Hunters for their war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. It works by storing high electricity in a battery crystal in the back, channeling that electricity along a crystal track and tubes into the Lightstones. The firing hammer is made from a Kanoka of Speed. It has a detachable ammo pack that holds four additional Lightstones.

Lightstone Rifle Ammo-less

The Lightstone Rifle with no ammo clip

A Lightstone in the barrel takes about five minutes to charge up with electricity; those in the ammo pack take about twenty minutes. Also contains a lightstone focused by a crystal to act as a sighting laser, which can be covered with a small switch in the front. To fire, the user first waits until the Lightstone is crackling with energy, then uncovers the laser and aims. When the trigger is pulled rapidly, the firing hammer strikes the lightstone in the barrel. The lightstone zooms out of the barrel. It’s made brittle by the electricity, so it shatters on impact. Both the light inside and the electricity is released in a bright flash.


  • The Lightstone Rifle was made by BZPower Forum Leader bonesiii.
  • Greg Farshtey did not canonize the history of the Lightstone Rifle, only its function and appearance.
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